Dugald McDougall (June 7, 1834 - January 18, 1885) was a stationer and businessman in Australia during the mid-19th century. Born in Londonderry, Ireland, Mcdougall joined the firm owned by John Sands (November 12, 1818 - August 16, 1873) and his brother-in-law Thomas Kenny as early as 1856 and, around 1860, became the manager of the firm in Melbourne, which became known as Sands, Kenny, and Company. In December 1861, Kenny retired, and the firm became Sands and McDougall. The firm was one of the largest of its kind in Australia by 1870 and operated as stationers, booksellers, and account book manufacturers. After Sands's death, his widow separated the businesses. The Sands family took the business in Sydney, known as John Sands Ltd, and the McDougall family operated the business in Melbourne, known as Sands and McDougall. McDougall married Mary Allott Chisholm (January 10, 1843 - August 2, 1902) with whom he had five children.