James Calvin Mills (July 20, 1899 - October 25, 1977) was an American publisher, cartographer, tour guide, and hotelier. Born in Luisa, Kentucky, Mills grew up in Ohio before moving to Miami, Florida in 1925. Once in Florida, Mills became involved in real estate and the hotel industry and worked for Kirkeby Hotels and was the manager of the Kenilworth Hotel on Miami Beach in 1962. Mills also founded Mills Publications, Inc. in Miami and published a guidebook entitled 'Highlights of Greater Miami' beginning in 1942 which sold millions of copies. He sold the publishing rights to the guidebook around 1960, and, after leaving the hotel business a few years later, founded United Tours and ran that business for a few years before retiring. Mills married Vera Mae Smith (1912 - 1984) in April 1939, with whom he had one daughter.

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