The Ming Sun Press (fl. 1940 – 1982) was a Hong Kong based printer active in the second half of the 20th century. The firm was founded by Yee-Yung Fung in 1940. 'Ming Sun', meaning 'New and Lively Day' was intended as an expression of optimism following the despair of World War II. Fung mastered printing while growing up in Shanghai. His daughter described him thus, [he] grandfather do everything by himself, go get business, printing, cutting and delivery. Working more than 12hrs a day, 7 days, no holiday, just try to meet the customers deadline, to support the family (6 children) and his wife. I remember my dad carry so heavy box of box paper on the rickshaw for the taxi is too expensive and the bus not allow to carry too many boxes. He was my hero Dad, I love him very much and he loves his family, unfortunate he die too young only 67years old.The Ming Sun Press issued numerous maps of Hong Kong and China.