George W. Morris (March 1853 - 1929) was a Portland, Maine, based publisher, lithographer, and photographer. He published books and postcards highlighting the beauty of northern New England. Morris was born in New York, but by the 1870s had relocated to Bangor, Maine. In the 1880s, he move to Portland, where he spent the remainder of his life, building a booming postcard, bird's-eye view, map, and novelty publishing business. He initially began printing color postcards in Germany, where chromolithographic printing was more developed, but by the late 19th century, began printing domestically. He is credited with issuing some of the first chromolithograph postcards in the United States. By 1920, he owned a small business specializing in toys. He married Tressie Lee Wellman (1856 - 1922) in 1883.

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