National Association of Hungarian Women (active 1918-1946) were a Hungarian women's Christian nationalist association formed at the end of the first world war and active during the Horthy era of Hungarian politics. They were active supporters of Miklós Horthy, and were proponents of Hungarian irredentism, engaged in such efforts as clothes drives for Hungarian minorities in the territories separated from Hungary by the Treaty of Trianon in 1920. In addition to international campaings concerning 'the Hungarian Question' The group also did social and child protection work, established colleges for female students, boarding schools for farm children, weaving colonies, and religious education for rural women. Their publicatioons included A Magyar Asszony (1921-1944), and the 1941 New Hungarian Woman Some of the organizations' leaders included members of the government, such as László Rajk, Minister of the Interior; so it can be surmised that they may have always been an arm of the Horthy government.

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