Nakayama Kyūshirō (中山久四郎; February 10, 1874 - September 7, 1961), also known as Tozangakujin, was a Japanese historian. Nakamura was born in Nagano, Japan. He studied at the in the Chinese history department Tokyo University, Graduating in 1899. He became a professor at Tokyo University, teaching Science and Literature as well as compiling historical materials. He was also head instructor at the Military Academy of Manchoukao and taught at Meiji University. He was later a professor Emeritus at Professor Emeritus at Tokyo Bunri University. He is associated with but one map, a serio-comic style map issued in 1904, when he was about 30. Although the art is attributed to him, we see no evidence that he was an artist, so more likely he simply penned the text and laid out the vision.

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