Thomas Sterling North (November 4, 1906 - December 21, 1974) was an American writer and newspaperman. Born in Edgerton, Wisconsin, North attended the University of Chicago and then worked as a writer for the Chicago Daily News, the New York World-Telegram, and the New York Sun before going freelance full-time. Notably, North was one of the first public figures to denounce comic books as the Chicago Daily News Literary Editor in 1940. North wrote several books over the course of his career, including Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era, a memoir of a year in his childhood when he raised a baby racoon. Rascal won several awards, was made into a Disney movie in 1969, and then became a 52-episode Japanese anime series (which introduced the raccoon to a Japanese audience) in 1977. He married Gladys Buchanan (June 3, 1907 - February 5, 1989) with whom he had two children. Gladys and Sterling made at least one map together entitled Being a Literary Map of These United States depicting a Renaissance no less astonishing than that of Periclean Athens or Elizabethan London.

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