Juan Pantoja y Arriaga (fl. c. 1779 - 1792) was a Mexican cartographer and navigator active in the late 18th century. Pantoja is best known for his work onboard the Frigate Princesa. The Princesa, of which Pantoja was the navigator, was a supply ship commissioned to make the annual supply run between the naval base of San Blas and Spain remote border fort, San Diego, along the California Coast. During a seven month lay-over in San Diego Pantoja produced his most famous map, the first reasonably accurate survey of San Diego Bay. Though composed in 1782, Pantoja's map remained in manuscript form until it was finally published in 1802 to illustrate Espinosa and Tello's Relacion Del Viage Hecho Por Las Goletas Sutil Y Mexicana En El Ano De 1792. Today Pantoja's efforts are commemorated in San Diego by Pantoja Park. Built in 1850, Pantoja Park is downtown San Diego's oldest public recreation area.