Johannes Putsch or Bucius (March 28, 1516 - January 19, 1542) was a Tyrolean courtier and poet. He was born in Innsbruck to royal secretary Wilhelm Putsch (ca. 1480–1551). He was educated at the gymnasium in Innsbruck, joining at 14 the entourage of Ferdinand I. He did travel during this period, including a 1530 journey to Italy during which he seems to have established himself as a poet and mathematician.In 1535 he matriculated at the university of Orléans; after his time at university he returned to Austria to continue his service with Ferdinand as a 'royal councillor and supreme private field secretary.' It was possible that during the campaign in Hungary he received an Imperial knighthood. In spite of his reputation, Putsch has only one printed work surviving him, and that in only a single copy: his 1537 anthropomorphic map of Europe, dedicated to Ferdinand I. Some forty years later, Heinrich Bünting would produce a version of the map in the later editions of his Itinerariums, and Sebastian Petri would add a version in the later editions of Münster's Cosmographey.