Alfred Day Shepard (July 10, 1846 - January 25, 1897) was an American educator who served as Arapahoe County Superintendent of Schools in Denver, Colorado, from 1887 until 1896. Born in Waterford, New York, Shepard arrived in Colorado in the fall of 1876. He was elected Superintendent of Schools for District No. 2 in 1879. During his time as superintendent for District No. 2, he increased the number of school buildings from 1 to 7. He was elected County Superintendent of Schools in 1887 and held that position until 1896, the year before he died. He was very widely respected as County Superintendent and was known as an 'absolute authority' on school law. He died of consumption at home at the age of 50. He married Eunice H. Copeland on June 18, 1878, in Vermilion County, Illinois.