Joseph Patterson Sims (January 6, 1890 - March 30, 1953) was an American architect, lithographer, and cartographer. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1912, and began working with Arnold Moses after graduation. Later that year, he moved on to the office of Furness, Evans and Company as a draftsman. He was promoted to the position of associate in that firm in 1914 and remained there for another three years before joining another Furness employee, Charles Willing, in partnership as 'Willing and Sims'. James Talbutt joined the firm in 1921, and thus the name was revised to 'Willing, Sims, and Talbutt'. Sims’s firm gained immediate success, and was well known for their designs of residences, particularly those in the Norman farmhouse style. After World War I, Sims pursued his hobbies of map-making and lithography.

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