Jeffrey Stanton (c. 1945 - present) is an engineer, artist, and local historian based in Venice, Los Angeles. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he attended the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and studied mechanical engineering, earning a master's degree, before moving to Los Angeles to work for the aerospace and defense company McDonnell Douglas. Soon afterwards, he developed an interest in the history of L.A.'s beachfront communities, became an amateur photographer, and moved to Venice. Stanton is known for having an exceptionally large collection of antique postcards, a portion of which he sold from a stall on the Venice Boardwalk for many years. He also collected materials relevant to Venice's history, including early photographs, and authored books titled Summer is forever : the Southern California beach towns (1975) and Venice of America: Coney Island of the Pacific (published in several editions).

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