Aleksei Sergeyevich Suvorin (September 11, 1834 - August 11, 1912) was an extremely influential Russian newspaper and book publisher, journalist, playwright and theater critic. The eldest of nine children (three boys and six girls), Suvorin attended the Mikhailovsky military academy in Voronezh, from which he graduated in 1851. He too retired from the military and became a schoolteacher, teaching history and geography near his hometown. In 1861 he moved to Moscow to work for the magazine 'Russian Speech' («Русской речи») and then moved to St. Petersburg in 1863 where he continued to write for several different magazines. He continued to rise through the ranks in the magazine and newspaper world in St. Petersburg, acquiring the newspaper Novoye Vremya ('New Times') in 1876 of which he remained the editor in chief until his death. Suvorin first entered the publishing world in 1872 when he published an edition of the «Русский календарь» ('Russian calendar') and published from the late 1890s until 1914 a guidebook to St. Petersburg entitled «Весь Петербург» ('All Petersburg')

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