Zadock Thompson (May 23, 1796 - January 19, 1856) was a Vermont naturalist, professor and Episcopal Priest. He was born in Bridgewater Vermont, and studied at the University of Vermont, graduating 1823 and remaining as a professor until 1833. He then relocated to Quebec, where he taught until returning to Vermont in 1837. While in Quebec, he was ordained as an Episcopal Deacon. He was the Vermont Assistant State Geologist from 1845 to 1848, and State Naturalist from 1853 to his death in 1856. He also returned to teaching at the University of Vermont, from 1851 to 1856. Thompson published numerous books on Vermont's history, the most notable being the History of the State of Vermont (1833) and History of the State of Vermont, Natural, Civil and Statistical (1842). Throughout his life, Zadock was an ardent environmentalist, often lamenting in his written works the disappearance of Vermont wildlife, including the catamount and wild salmon.

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