Trần Lưu Huệ (陳劉惠; 1832 - 1907) also known as Trần Lưu Tuệ (陳劉慧) was a Vietnamese official of the Nguyễn Dynasty. Born in Thừa Thiên in central Vietnam, Trần showed aptitude from a young age and passed a series of imperial exams, allowing him to take a position in the prestigious Viện Cơ mật (機密院, Privy Council). His skills being in demand, he moved around frequently in the Nguyễn bureaucracy, eventually becoming governor of several provinces. Along the way, he developed a special interest, among others, in surveying, cartography, and border demarcation. Trần's life overlapped with Vietnam's loss of sovereignty, and the latter portion of his career was in service to Nguyễn emperors who were effectively subordinated to the French, to the extent that he was granted chevalier rank in the légion d'honneur for his government service.

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