La Voix du Nord (1941 - Present) is a daily regional newspaper in the Nord region of France. Founded in April 1941, it was from the outset a clandestine newspaper which gave rise to a resistance movement, the Voix du Nord. Jules Noutour and Natalis Dumez founded the paper. Noutour was arrested on September 8, 1943 and deported to Gross Rosen, where he died February 1, 1945. Natalis Dumez survived his arrest and died in 1976. The first edition of La Voix du Nord after liberation appeared on September 5, 1944 with a six column headline reading ‘The Nord Region Is Free.’ Throughout the rest of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, La Voix du Nord continued to adapt to changing situations by adding new sections and supplements, notably complete guides for both radio and television programs.

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