Jill Walker (1927 - 2021) was born in England in 1927 and named Joanna Jill Crockford. Discovering art at an early age, Jill determined early in life that she was going to be an artist. Eager to escape the lean post-war years in Britain, Jill booked a one-way ticket on a freighter to Guyana (then British Guiana) to visit a friend with money borrowed from her father. She met a young bachelor named Jimmy Walker, on her first night, and the two fell in love. Jimmy, a Scottish architect, was the Chief Architect to the government in Guyana, and they married in Barbados in 1956. They permanently settled in Barbados, where Jimmy worked as an architect and Jill developed her incredible artistic talent. In 1975, Jimmy and Jill opened The Best of Barbados Gift Shop to promote Jill's art. The gift shop became incredibly successful with a handful of locations across Barbados. Jill died at home in 2021.