Frank Woodruff (19xx - 19xx) was an American newspaperman, author, journalist, filmmaker, and avid fisherman. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Woodruff started his professional life as a filmmaker. He apprenticed under Hal Roach in Manhattan, New York for eight years before returning to Pittsburgh to make documentaries and industrial films. In 1956, he went to Tampa, Florida on assignment and loved it so much that when he got back to Pittsburgh he quit his job and moved there. He made documentaries for the state wildlife and fisheries commission until he caught the fishing bug. Then, Woodruff gave up filmmaking, bought a boat, and started a charter fishing business. That enterprise took him from Nova Scotia to Colombia and his charter business also landed him a job as a fishing columnist for a Sarasota newspaper. Not long after he started at the paper he began a fishing lecture series up and down the west coast of Florida every winter. During these lectures, he distilled his years as a journalist into practical tips and tricks for people interested in fishing.

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