Utagawa Yoshikazu (歌川芳員; fl. c. 1853 - 1870), also known as Ishikawa Yoshikazu (一川芳員), was, as his name indicates, a painter and ukiyo-e woodblock printer of the Utagawa School and a disciple of Utagawa Kuniyoshi (歌川国芳). His early work often dealt with battle scenes or natural themes, but after the opening of Yokohama as a treaty port, he began to produce prints dealing with foreigners there (Yokohama-e). Among his last known works is an 1870 print (東京繁栄車往来之図) containing somewhat fanciful illustrations of modern technology, including Yoshikazu's imagination of a steam locomotive (none had arrived in Japan yet, so he had to work off of second-hand accounts).