Umberto Zimelli (May 4, 1898 - November 6, 1972) was an Italian designer, illustrator, painter, and ceramicist. He graduated from the School of Art of Forlì and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. In 1920 began producing cover for the magazine La Piè and in 1921 he first exhibited his oils, tempera, and drawing at the Lyceum in Milan. In 1924, Zimelli moved to Milan and taught decoration at the Mantegazza professional school from 1927 through 1933 and then taught professional design and decorative composition in the schools of the Umanitaria Society of Milan from 1932 until 1943. He also taught design, decorative composition, and wrought iron at the Higher Institute for the Artistic Industries in the Villa Reale of Monza from 1933 until 1943. He was the artist for the Italian National Tourism Agency's gastronomic, wine, and traditional costume maps of Italy. He illustrated covers for various authors and edited catalogs and advertising leaflets for exhibitions. After World War II he gave up teaching and became Director for the Lombardy Delegation of the National Organization of Crafts and Small Industries and held that post until 1967.

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