John K. Ashley (1853 - February 8, 1926) was an American civil engineer. Born in Ohio, Ashley grew up in Denver, Colorado, where he worked as a messenger in the Survey General's Office from the age of twelve through fourteen. He attended college in Antioch, Ohio, and graduated in 1876. After graduation he returned to Denver and worked as a civil engineer, including as Arapahoe County Surveyor from 1881 - 1883. He was nominated for Denver City Surveyor but lost by a considerable margin. He owned racehorses from 1884 - 1885 and was sued by the Colorado National Bank for a debt soon after the death of one of his best horses. Ashley was elected to the Colorado State Legislature in 1885 and became Speaker of the House at the beginning of the 1885 session. He moved to Spokane, Washington, in 1888. Soon after arriving in Spokane, he was named City Engineer and then served as County Surveyor for Spokane County from 1892 - 1893. Ashley moved back to Denver in 1901 and moved to Sandpoint, Idaho, in 1902, to join his father and brothers. He worked as a civil engineer in Sandpoint until at least 1920. He married the oldest daughter of Arternas Carter in 1879, with whom he had two children. She died in 1885. Ashley married Lillian Hodder in 1888.