John Hobart Beers (July 13, 1840 - December 15, 1915) was a Chicago publisher active in the second half of the 19th century. Beers was born in Newtown, Connecticut, the son of Hermon and Phebe Curtis (Sherman) Beers (1815 - 1880). Early on he was a banker, president of the Bridgeport Bank in Connecticut, but relocated to Chicago in 1869. There he partnered with Augustus Warner creating the imprint 'Warner and Beers', one of the most prominent city and county atlas publishers in 19th century America. John Hobart is part of the prominent Beers map publishing dynasty, but he is from a different line of the family, also from Newtown, Connecticut, and is only distantly related to the other prominent map publisher, James Botsford Beers (October 16, 1811 - June 3, 1901), and his descendants.