Wilheim Hermann Costenoble (March 20, 1826 - February 25, 1901) was a German bookseller, author, and publisher based in Jena, Germany. Costenoble was born in Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. He became a prominent bookseller and publisher in the mid to late 19th century, publishing under Verlagsbuchhandlung Hermann Costenoble, or just 'H. Costenoble'. Costenoble gained a reputation for publishing significant works associated with major German literary and intellectual movements of the 19th century. The publishing enterprise seems to have vanished after his death. Significantly, his son, Ludwig Wilhelm Hermann Costenoble (1867 - 1936) was the first German immigrant to the German colony in the Marinara Islands. In 1902, he acquired a 99-years lease on some 200 hectares of near Saipan. He failed in farming those lands due to infighting with local officials, and in 1904, relocated to American-administered Guam, where in 1910 he became Chief Forester. Some unknown scandal led to his arrest and, upon release 3 months later, he move to Manila, Philippines. He, or one of his children, are credited with writing in 1940 the first work on Chamorro, the indigenous language of Guam and the northern Marinara Islands, Die Chamoro Sprache.

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