Lawrence Joseph Dupuis (May 1, 1924 - September 12, 2017) was an American artist, soldier, and chiropractor. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Dupuis graduated from Detroit Western High School in 1942. After a semester at Lawrence Technological Institute, Dupuis was drafted in February 1942. He left for England that fall, after eight months of incomplete training. Once in England, Dupuis was assigned to the 818th Engineer Aviation Battalion and spent the time in between his arrival and leaving for Normandy repairing 8th Air Force airfields. Even his cartooning skills were put to use: he drew a mural on the stage wall in the Great Dunmow Airport Building, which was going to be taken over by the 8th Air Force. Since he was coloblind he couldn't paint the mural, but it took him a month of work after dinner each night to draw the mural. After returning from Europe, Dupuis took advantage of the GI Bill and attended Lincoln Chiropractic College in Indianapolis. He was active in veterans circles until his death.