Alfred Miller Heston (1854 - 1937) was a newspaper editor, publisher, civic official, and philanthropist in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Raised in Philadelphia, after completing high school Heston began working for The West Jersey Press in Camden. He eventually worked his way up to editor before moving on to The Salem Standard and The Bridgeton Chronicle. In 1884, he purchased The Atlantic City Review and afterwards purchased The Atlantic Journal. Heston became a prominent 'booster' of Atlantic City and successfully courted tourists from New York, Philadelphia, and beyond, especially with his Heston's Handbook. In 1898, Heston helped to open the Atlantic City Hospital and sat on its Board of Governors for many years. In the early 20th century, he turned his attention to writing and editing works on local history. He also became involved in local politics, becoming City Comptroller in 1895, an office which he held until 1912, and then was elected City Treasurer in 1914. Heston cast himself as a public servant unbeholden to political factions and machine politics. He died in 1937 in the hospital he had helped found.