Hihara Shōzō (日原昌造; 1853 - 1904) was a Japanese journalist, translator, and educator of the Meiji period. Born in Chōfu Domain (長府藩, now Shimonoseki), he fought in the Boshin War, then studied English with the American missionary Samuel Robbins Brown at the Niigata English School, and continued to study English with Koizumi Shinkichi (小泉信吉) at the Osaka English School. He then taught at Keio University before serving as the Principal of the Aichi Normal School and the Shizuoka Normal School. Hihara undertook several translations for the Ministry of Education before accompanying his mentor Koizumi to London, where he lived for four years working for the Yokohama Specie Bank and publishing a regular column about the city in the Jiji Shinpō (時事新報). He later spent four years in San Francisco as manager of the bank's branch there.

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