Hesiquio Iriarte (1824 - August 30, 1903) was a Mexican artist, lithographer, and publisher active in the second half of the 19th century. Iriarte was born in Mexico City, the son of Mariano Iriate and Asuncion Zúñgia. Iriarte began working in the lithographic studios of M. Murgurïa y Cie. in around or slightly before 1847. He founded his own firm, Litografía de Iriarte y Compañía, in 1854. He was a prosperous lithographer with a large corpus. His most famous work, 'El Pulquero' was produced early in his career under Murgurïa. In cartographic circles, he worked extensively with Antonio Garcia y Cubas (1832 - 1912), lithographing maps for the great Atlas Geográfico, Estadístico e Histórico de la República Mexicana. His workshop was at Calle de St. Clara no. 23, Mexico.