Jitsugyo no Nihon (株式会社実業之日本社, June 10, 1897 - 1931), roughly translating to 'Business Japan' was a Japanese magazine publisher active in Tokyo from the late Meiji, throughout the Showa, into the early Taisho Era. The firm was founded in 1897 as Dainihon Jitsugyo Gakkai but reformed in 1900 by Masuda Yoshikazu as Jitsugyō no Nihon Sha, Ltd. The publisher expanded rapidly, launching multiple publications. Among them were magazines geared towards Japanese youth, the Nihon Shonen, literally 'Japanese Boys', and Fujin Sekai or 'Woman's World', both of which issued Manga maps and gameboards. Jitsugyo no Nihon continued after 1931, even to the present day, but by this time had reorganized their business and dramatically transformed their operations to support the Pacific War.

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