The Lincoln Highway Association (1913 - 1927 ; 1992 - present) was originally established 'to procure the establishment of a continuous improved highway from the Atlantic to the Pacific, open to lawful traffic of all description without toll charges'. Organized on July 1, 1913, with the ultimate goal of raising ten million dollars for construction of the Lincoln Highway, which was first known as the 'Coast-to-Coast Rock Highway'. The original proposal called for the organization to raise contributions from automobile companies and in hundred-dollar and five-dollar donations from private individuals. The money would then be used to purchase road materials, such as concrete and gravel, which would then be provided to state and county highway authorities, who would in turn provide the labor and machinery necessary to build the highway. The group was disbanded in 1927, following the creation of the highway numbering system, as the Lincoln Highway lost its name and the transcontinental route was broken up into several different numbered highways. The group was restarted in 1992 with the goal of preserving the highway and its heritage.

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