Stefano Mozzi Scolari (c. 1612 - 1691) was a Venetian engraver and printer active between 1644 and 1687. He was known primarily as an illustrator and would be among the first engravers to devote his activity entirely to illustrated editions. His work included pieces entirely drawn and engraved by himself, images produced in collaboration with other artists and editors, and the reproduction of already published copperplates. This latter area appears to have been the reproduction of maps by other authors - for example his 1657 edition of Greuter's 1630 map of Italy - including the production of maps incorporating elements of various authors in a single work. He is most associated with his work from the vicinity of the Venetian parish church of San Zulian, where he also probably had lived since 1642, but Stefano Bifolco has asserted that he was also connected to the printers' shop at Santa Fosca. He was a member of the Venetian painters' guild between 1660 and 1683; his wills reflect his status as a well-off craftsman and owner of a printer shop.

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