Robert D. Servoss (1854 - August 9, 1919) was a New York and Brooklyn based engraver active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Servoss was born in Connecticut. He worked for various printers in New York before establishing his own firm, Servoss Publishing, in 1897. Despite his appearance in print described as ‘the well known mapmaker,’(The Publishers' Weekly, November 10, 1906 p. 1306) his place in the bibliographical record is inscrutable. H There are several important patents in his name associated with the development of Wax Process printing - a major evolution in printing in the early 20th century that dramatically economized the process. He also published an interesting work The Building of a Book, in 1907, serving as a kind of encyclopedia of turn of the century printing techniques, compiled by the master printers who used them. In addition to his printing work, he appears to have been an avid cyclist, and a longtime member of the Long Island Wheelmen - a club of 'tourist bicyclists who do not race.' Servoss died in Brooklyn in 1919.