Melchior Tavernier II (1594 - May, 1665) was a Flemish-French printseller, bookseller, and engraver active in Paris during the first half of the 17th century. Melchior was the grandson of Gabriel Tavernier, also a Paris engraver and print seller. Tavernier was born in Antwerp and apprenticed to Thomas de Leu, an important French writer and engraver. After his apprentice, he established his own workshop, taking Abraham Bosse as his apprentice. As a bookseller he was the French agent for prominent Dutch mapmakers including Hondius, Jansson, Danckerts and Blaeu. Interested in producing new work, he partnered with Nicolas Sanson and engraver and editor and may have illegally published Sanson's work in his own name. In 1644, he purchased the office of contrôleur de al Maison du duc d'Orléans, and closed his printing and engraving business. His stock was subsequently liquidated and sold partly to Langlois and partly to the bookseller Pierre Mariette. Melchior Tavernier II was the nephew to the celebrated writer and traveler Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (1605-1689). Melchior Tavernier II's work is difficult to distinguish from that of his father, Melchior Tavernier I.