Augustus Warner (August 10, 1839 - January 18, 1909) was an American surveyor. Warner was born in Newtown, Connecticut, the son of James Hobart Warner (November 6, 1835 - ????). He is recorded producing detailed survey work as early as 1859. He married Rissa Beers (March 1849 - ?) He relocated to Chicago in 1869 and in 1970, partnered with relative and Newtown childhood friend, John Hobart Beers (July 13, 1840 - December 15, 1915), forming the map publishing firm 'Warner and Beers'. His son, Charles Cyrenius Warner (December 1, 1880 - ), also joined this firm. He later became involved in silverware production. The Augustus Warner House in Chicago is considered one of the most beautiful Gold Coast historic homes. He died in Chicago in 1909.