Georg Wigand (February 13, 1808 - February 9, 1858) was a publisher and bookseller based in Leipzig. He founded the Verlag Georg Wigand in 1834 and in 1856 opened an antiquarian bookshop with Albrecht Kirchhoff (1827 - 1902). After Georg's death, his brother Otto (1795 - 1870) took over operations and the business came to be known as Verlag Otto Wigand. It developed a reputation for publishing controversial works, including the first edition of Marx's Das Kapital and Engels' Die Lage der arbeitenden Klasse in England. After the 1848 revolutions, Otto became involved in politics, serving as a city councilor and member of the Saxony Landtag. In 1864, Otto retired and handed over the business to his son Carl Hugo. The firm survived under Otto's name into the early 20th century.