1816 Carrigain Wall Map of New Hampshire
Code: NewHampshire-carrigain-1814
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/carrigain.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/merrill.txt
Condition: Very good condition. Map has been professionally restored, backed with fresh linen, and reattached to original rollers.
Date: 1816 (dated 1814)
Height: 60.5
Note: 'The Carrigain Map' is the most important American map of New Hampshire ever published.
References: Rumsey 2303.000. Stark, Mica B., 'The Making of the Carrigain Map of New Hampshire, 1803-1816,' in Historical New Hampshire, vol. 52, nos. 3 & 4 (Fall/Winter 1997), pp. 79-95.Bent, A. H., Bibliography of the White Mountains, 84. Cobb,D. H., New Hampshire Maps to 1900: An Annotated Checklist, #91. Ristow, W., American Maps and Mapmakers: Commercial Cartography in the Nineteenth Century, p. 96. Phillips (America) 479.
Title: New Hampshire by Recent Survey Made Under the Supreme Authority and Published according to Law by Philip Carrigain Consellor at Law and late Secretary of the State. / New Hampshire To his Excellency Jon Taylor Gilman Esq. and to the Honourable the Legislature of the State of New Hampshire this Map commenced under their Auspices and matured by their Patronage is most respectfully inscribed by their Obliged Servant Philip Carrigain.
Width: 46.5
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1828 Gordon Wall Map of New Jersey (first official map of New Jersey)
Code: NewJersey-gordon-1828
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/gordonthomas.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/tanner.txt
Condition: Very good. Professionally restored and backed on fresh linen.
Date: 1828 (dated)
Height: 55
Note: A cornerstone map of New Jersey: the first 'official' state map and the first large detailed map of the state. -John Delaney
References: Rumsey, 2273.000, Tanner, H. S., Memoir on the Recent Surveys, Observations, and Internal Improvements, in the United States.. , page 26. Delaney, J., Nova Caesarea: A Cartographic Record of the Garden State 1666 - 1888, pages 47 - 50. Snyder, J. P., Mapping of New Jersey, pp. 94-99.
Scale: 1 : 190000
Tags: Gordon, Official Map
Title: A Map of the State of New Jersey with part of the adjoining states compiled under the Patronage of the Legislature of said State by Thomas Gordon 1828.
Width: 34
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1852 Fielding Lucas Nautical Chart Map of the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay
Code: ChesapeakeBay-fieldinglucas-1852
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/lucas.txt
Condition: Very good condition. Some repairs lower left corner. Soiling including spot near Medley's Neck. Original linen backing with stamps and owner's signature.
Date: 1852 (dated)
Height: 41
Note: The only significant map of the Chesapeake Bay to be issued between the early 19th century Admiralty Charts and the Coast Survey Charts of the 1860s.
References: Rumsey 5436.000 (1840 edition). Foster, J. W., Fielding Lucas, Jr., Early 19th Century American Publisher of Fine Books and Maps, 'American Antiquarian Society', October 1955, Volume 64, Part 2, 162-212. Guthorn, Peter J., United States Coastal Charts, p. 78 (illus. on dust jacket). Papenfuse, E. C., and Coale, J. M., Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland, p. 86 and fig.78. Ristow, W., American Maps and Mapmakers, pp. 266-268.
Scale: 1 : 360000
Tags: Fielding Lucas, Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay
Title: A Chart of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.
Width: 29
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1794 Samuel Dunn Wall Map of the World in Hemispheres
Code: World3-dunn-1794
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/dunn.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/lauriewhittle.txt
Cartographer 3: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/kitchin.txt
Condition: Very good condition. Original fold lines. Blank on verso. Original platemark visible. Wide clean margins. Four sheets joined. Some verso repair and reinforcement.
Date: 1794 (dated)
Drawer: 0
Height: 42
Note: A most impressive 18th century wall map of the world.
References: Rumsey 2310.002, 2310.003, 0411.001, 0411.002, 0411.003, 2310.004. Phillips (Atlases) 4300. National Maritime Museum, 375 (3rd ed. 1801). National Library of Australia, Map Collection, 3258045. New York Public Library, Slaughter Collectoin, Slaughter 1035R; Map Division, Map Div. 02-322.
Scale: 1 : 41000000
Source: Kitchin, Thomas, Kitchin's General Atlas, describing the Whole Universe: being a complete collection of the most approved maps extant; corrected with the greatest care, and augmented from the last edition of D'Anville and Robert with many improvements by other eminent geographers, engraved on Sixty-Two plates, comprising Thirty Seven maps., (Laurie & Whittle, London) 1797.
Tags: Dunn, Laurie and Whittle, Cook
Title: A General Map of the World, or Terraqueous Globe with all the New Discoveries and Marginal Delineations, Containing the Most Interesting Particulars in the Solar, Starry and Mundane System, by Sam. Dunn, Mathematician.
Width: 49
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1859 Clark and Tackabury Wall Map of Connecticut
Code: Connecticut-clarktackabury-1859
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/clarkrichard.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/tackabury.txt
Cartographer 3: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/hopkins.txt
Condition: Good. Professionally restored and backed with fresh linen. Original rollers. Part of top border missing - see image. Measurement includes rollers.
Date: 1859 (dated)
Height: 57
Note: One of the most highly detailed 19th century wall maps of Connecticut ever made.
References: Thompson, E., Maps of Connecticut for the Years of the Industrial Revolution, #181.
Title: Clark & Tackabury's New Topographical Map of the State of Connecticut.
Width: 73
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1750 Mount and Page Map of the Chesapeake Bay, New York, New England and Canada Coast
Code: NewEnglandNewFoundland-mountpage-1750
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/mountpage.txt
Condition: Very good. Slight toning. Minor wear on original centerfold. Blank no verso.
Date: 1750 (undated)
Height: 18
References: Verner, Coolie, Carto-bibliographical study of the English pilot, the fourth book, no. 20, p. 47, Note 4. New York Public Library, Map Div. 97-6373 [LHS 653]. McCorkle, B. B, New England in Early Printed Maps 1513 - 1800, 698.6. Sellers, John R. and Van Ee, Patricia, Maps and Charts of North America, no. 199.
Scale: 1 : 5618700
Source: Mount, J., and Page, T., The English pilot: describing the West-India navigation, from Hudson's-Bay to the river Amazones ... : also a new description of Newfoundland, New-England, New-York, east and west New-Jersey, Dellavar-Bay, Virginia, Maryland, and Carolina, &c. ... : the whole being very much enlarged and corrected, with the additions of several new charts and descriptions : by the information of divers able navigators of our own and other nations, (London: Mount & Page) c. 1750.
Title: A Chart of the Sea Coast of New Foundland, New Scotland, New England, New York, New Jersey, with Virginia and Maryland.
Width: 22.5
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1716 Homann Map of New York and New England
Code: NovaAnglia2-homann-1716
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/homann.txt
Condition: Good. Some creasing and centerfold wear. Minor verso reinforcement.
Date: 1716 (undated)
Height: 19.5
Note: A beautiful map of New York and New England in the Jansson-Visscher model.
References: Goss, J., The Mapping of North America: Three Centuries of Map-Making 1500-1860 #50. McCorkle, B.B., New England in Printed Maps 1513-1800: An Illustrated Carto-Bibliography, 724.1. Portinaro, P., and Knirsch, F., The Cartography of North America 1500-1800, pl.116. Van Ermen, E., The United States in Old Maps and Prints, p.47. Sellers, J. and Van Ee, P. M., Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies 1750-1789, 807. Manasek, F. J., Collecting Old Maps, 73. Baynton-Williams, Checklist: Printed Maps of New England to 1780, Part IV: 1700-1780, #1716.01b.
Scale: 1 : 380000
Source: Homann, J. B., Atlas Novus, (Amsterdam) 1716.
Tags: Homann, Jansson-Visscher, Lake Iroquois, Long Island, Fur Trade, Norumbega
Title: Nova Anglia Septentrionali Americae Implantata Anglorumque Coloniis Florentissima Geographice Exhibita a Joh. Baptista Homann.
Width: 23.5
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1848 Phelps National Map of the United States (pocket map)
Code: UnitedStates-phelps-1848
Price: $1,500.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/phelps.txt
Condition: Very good condition. This is an exceptionally nice copy, generally in very good condition, with superb unusually bright original color. Removed from original booklet (included) for conservation purposes. Minor verso repairs and reinforcement along original fold lines. Outer margins narrow as issued. Booklet in good condition exhibiting some wearing to the spine and edges as well as a couple of scrapes and scratches to the outer cover. Interior of book features numerous notes in pencil by original owners.
Date: 1848 (dated)
Height: 21in
References: Wheat, Carl Irving, Mapping the Transmississippi West, 1540-1861 (5 vols), page 731. New York Public Library, Map Division, 02-303 (1858 Edition) & 01-5129 (German Edition 1849). Library of Congress Map Division, G3700 1852 .A8 TIL (1853 Edition).
Source: Hand Color
Title: Phelps’s National Map of the United States, A Travellers Guide. Embracing the Principal Rail Roads, Canals, Steam Boat & Stage Routes throughout the Union.
Width: 25.5
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1871 Bishop Map of Brooklyn, New York
Code: Brooklyn2-bishop-1871
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/bishop.txt
Condition: Very good condition. Light soiling. Toning on original fold lines. Small chip on original fold line near our own location, at Ralph and Broadway. Blank on verso. Laid down on archival tissue.
Date: 1871 (dated)
Drawer: 37
Height: 20
Note: One of the most decorative maps of Brooklyn to appear in the 19th century.
References: New York Public Library Map Div. 01-1836. Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn Public Library, Document 51. Bulletin of the New York Public Library, Vol 4, 1902, Page 86. OCLC 58758634.
Scale: 1 : 22500
Source: Bishop, William, Manual of the Common Council of the City of Brooklyn, 1871, (A Brown, Brooklyn) 1871.
Tags: Brooklyn, Bishop, A. Brown
Title: Map of the City of Brooklyn.
Width: 24.5
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1840 Wilkes Map of the Fiji Islands
Code: FijiFeeJee-wilkes-1840
Price: $1,200.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/wilkes.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/shermansmith.txt
Condition: Very good. Backed with linen as issued. Overall toning. Some wear on original fold lines. As in most examples, lower left margin partially trimmed to neat line.
Date: 1840 (dated)
Height: 24
Note: The first accurate map of the Fiji Islands.
References: Rumsey 4442.003. Cowan I, pp. 248-249n. Cowan II, p. 683. Ferguson, Australia 4209. Forbes, D. W., Hawaiian National Bibliography 1780 - 1900: 1831-1850, 1573. Hill (II) #1866. Howes W414. Rosove, Antarctica 353. Streeter Sale 3324.
Scale: 1 : 710000
Source: Wilkes, C., Atlas. Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition During the Years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, (Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard) 1845.
Tags: Wilkes, U.S. Ex. Ex., Sherman and Smith
Title: Chart of the Viti Group or Feejee Islands by the U.S. Ex. Ex.
Width: 34.5
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1854 Mitchell Map of Texas
Code: StateOfTexas-mitchell-1854
Price: $750.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/mitchell.txt
Condition: Very good. Overall age toning. Minor spotting at places.
Date: 1850 (dated)
Height: 13
Scale: 1 : 3400000
Source: Mitchell, S. A., A New Universal Atlas Containing Maps of the various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics Of The World, (Thomas Cowperthwait & Co., Philadelphia) 1854.
Tags: Mitchell
Title: Map of the State of Texas From the Latest Authorities.
Width: 16
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1818 Pinkerton Map of Korea and Japan
Code: JapanKorea-pinkerton-1818
Price: $700.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/pinkerton.txt
Condition: Very good condition. Wide clean margins. Some minor transference. a Blank on verso.
Date: 1818 (undated)
Height: 21
References: Rumsey 0732.035 (British edition). Phillips (Atlases) 724. National Maritime Museum, 409. Phillips (America) page 806.
Title: Japan
Width: 28
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