Aoki Tsunesaburō (青木恒三郎; 1863-1926) was the founder of Aoki Sūzandō (青木嵩山堂), a major printer, publisher, and book retailer of the Meiji and Taisho era, with locations in Tokyo and Osaka. The firm produced a wide range of works aimed at general readers and was especially known for publishing translations of Western works, as well as maps and travelogues about the outside world, in high demand in the Meiji period. Aoki's publications were also known for their rich woodblock illustrations. One of the firm's most popular works was Aoki's account of his own travels throughout Japan, China, and the United States, accompanied by rich engravings and published as Illustrated Guide Book For Travelers Round the World (世界旅行万国名所図絵). As Aoki's business thrived, he became one of the founders and the first chairman of the Osaka Publishing Association (大阪出版組合). However, Aoki failed to keep up with changes in the publishing and distribution businesses and the company declined rapidly in the 1910s, eventually shutting down in 1918.