Joshua Archer (c. 1792 - 1863) was an English cartographer, copperplate printer, and engraver active in London. He was born at Barnstaple in Devon. He produced maps for Robert Wilkinson, William Pinnock, Ernest Hawkins, and the ‘British Magazine’. Like most engravers, Archer struggled financially and declared bankruptcy in 1835. In the 1841 Census he was recorded simply as an engraver and as living with his wife Jane and a son and was in prison for debt in 1845. In the 1861 Census, he was recorded as a map and chart engraver, and as living with Jane, a son John Archer (also a map and chart engraver), Albert Archer (a map and chart draughtsman), and his wife and three children. Joshua Archer’s death was registered at Islington.

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