Henri François Adolphe Auguste Aubé (February 10, 1865 - December 3 1935) was a French soldier and legionnaire. He was born to French parents in Bahia, Brazil, and would be educated at Saint-Cyr Military Academy. He received a commission as a Second Lieutenant of Marine Infantry on October 1, 1887, and was promoted to Lieutenant in 1891. His service took him to Cherbourg in 1892 and Benin in 1894. He was promoted to Captain in 1895, by which time he had been in service in Madagascar during the Second Expedition. He was still posted there in 1896. From 1897 to 1900 he would serve in the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment. In the First World War he was Colonel commanding the 21st Marine Infantry Regiment, and was made an officer of the Legion of Honor. He became Commander of the Legion of Honor on December 28, 1921, being Brigadier General, Member of the Advisory Committee for the Defense of the Colonies.

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