Jean de Beaurain (January 17, 1696 - February 12, 1771) was a French geographer and military historian under Louis XV. He was born in Aix-en-Issart, Pas-de-Calais, and came to Paris in 1715 at age 19, where he studied geography under Pierre Moulart-Sanson (16?? - c. 1721), Géographe du Roi and grandson of Nicolas Sanson (1600 - 1667). Beaurain inherited this same title from Moulart-Sanson in 1721, when he was just 25. He taught geography to Louis XV (1729 - 1765) and received an annual pension of 800 pounds. Beaurain maintained offices on the Quai des Grands-Augustins. He was succeeded by his son, Jean-Baptiste Jacques de Beaurain (1728 - c. 1785).

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