Daniel Glover Beers (October 19, 1841 - February 12, 1913) was an American farmer, surveyor, and mapmaker active in Connecticut. He is the brother of Silas Norman Beers (September 3, 1837 - May 12, 1873), son of Charles Henry Beers (November 3, 1813 - March 5, 1892), and nephew of Frederick William Beers (August 17, 1839 - September 8, 1933), all prominent mapmakers. D. G. Beer's name appears on the imprint of several Beers maps, including the large 1860 wall map of Philadelphia and vicinity, with Dunning Jackson Lake (1836 - 1915). In 1865 he partnered with one 'Pomeroy' of Rochester, New York to publish an Atlas of Delaware under the imprint of 'Pomeroy and Beers'. This business dissolved in 1880, after which he published independently as 'D. G. Beers and Co.' In the same year he patented a folding canvas canopy for covered wagons, a business that became extremely prosperous.

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