John Henry Bingham (March 7, 1831 - June 10, 1910) was an American lithographer. Born in New York, Bingham and John Kelley formed the partnership Bingham and Kelley which was active in 1857 and 1858. Bingham then went into business with William H. Dodd in 1860 in Hartford. In 1861, Bingham, Dodd, and Company advertised in the Hartford, Connecticut City Directory, stating that they printed labels for druggists and prefumers, views of buildings, portraits, and landscapes from nature as well as 'engravings on stone, of checks, notes, bill heads, certificates of stock, circulars, maps, charts, etc.'. That partnership lasted until 1884. By 1900, he and his family then moved to Chicago, where he continued to work as a lithographer. He married Anna Maria Ehret (1835 - 1909) on February 19, 1854, with whom he had thirteen children.