Jacques Bongars (1554 - July 29, 1612) was a French scholar and diplomat. Born in Orléans nand raised as a Huguenot, he would receive most of his early education in Germany before returning to Orléans and Bourges. He joined the service of Ségur Pardaillan, a courtier to Henry, king of Navarre (later Henry IV of France.) Pardaillan sent him in 1587 on a mission to northern Europe, and later England to obtain help from Queen Elizabeth for Henry of Navarre. He continued to travel on behalf of Henry, and to the detriment of the house of Habsburg. His service continued until the king's murder in 1610. He died in Paris not long after. Bongars produced several books, including Gesta Dei per Francos, a collection of early works pertaining to the Crusades, with a particular focus on French participation in them.