Samuel Bowles III (February 9, 1826 – January 16, 1878) was an American journalist born in Springfield, Massachusetts. Bowles is best known as the editor of The Republican, which he inherited form his father of the same name and ran until his deal in 1878. Bowles was a hands-on editor and his hard work contributed to the success of his paper. By 1840 The Republican was the largest circulated daily in New England and Bowles had become a highly respected figure in journalism. He was also well known for his frequently travels. In 1865 he made the transcontinental journey to the Pacific, publishing the story in a well-read memoire, Across the Continent. He subsequently crossed the continent again in 1869. He also traveled extensively in Europe in the early 1870s. Bowles died in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was succeeded by ten children, one of whom, Samuel Bowles IV, inherited The Republican.

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