Lucas Brandis (before 1450 - after 1500) was a German printer and typographer of the incunable period/ He was educated at Leipzig University, though his apprenticeship in the printing trade is unknown, but he would begin printing under his own name in Merseburg with his first dated work appearing in 1473. At the end of that year he began work on the work for which he is best known, the 474-sheet Weltchronik Rudimentum novitiorum, which he completed in 1475 - a history of the world for the education of Novice Monks. He also published breviaries, psalters and theological works such as Josephus' De bello Judaico Not atypical of early printers, his shop was not a financial success and he would go on to work as a type caster for printer Bartholomäus Ghotan. His lack of financial success seems to have had an effect on his historical traces, which are practically nonexistent after this time. His last dated printed work comes from the year 1499; his last appearance in the historical record was in Lübeck court records ordering him in 1500 not to leave town until his debts were settled.

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