Flavius A. Brown (August 31, 1806 - February 13, 1880) was an educator, politician, and publisher based in Hartford, Connecticut. Born in Hebron, Connecticut, Brown became renowned at a young age for his penmanship and by age 16 had become a teacher. After helping to construct a new schoolhouse in Hartford, which came to bear his name, Brown served as the chairman of the city's First School District for many years afterwards. He took on other roles in the community, including as secretary of the Hartford County Agricultural Society, and in business, serving as the director of several banks and insurance companies. He was elected Treasurer of Hartford in 1857. His career in publishing began with a business partnership with buying out the H.F. Sumner and Company bookstore in 1834, renamed Packard and Brown, and in 1837 renamed again to Brown and Parsons (Edward W. Parsons). Parsons retired in 1852 and Brown took on one W. Gross as a partner until he stepped back to focus on other pursuits from 1858. Still, the name Brown and Gross continued to be used and it remained a prominent publisher into the late 19th century.

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