Bruce-Roberts, Inc. (fl. 1928 - August 1931) was a Chicago publishing firm based at 540 North Michigan Avenue. They are most famous for publishing the famous pictorial map Chicago Gangland. Advertisements for Bruce-Roberts Inc. appear in Chicago publications from 1828 through April of 1931, although they were still active in August. Following this date, there is no further evidence of the firm. On the envelope that was originally published with the Chicago Gangland map, there is some hint that they were driven out of town by city politicians (and maybe gangsters) reacting to the map. Other known work includes a book on Golf, another on the virtues of marriage, and an instructional manual on 'Winning Backgammon.' The name of the firm suggest that 'Bruce' and 'Roberts' are different people. The 1830 census identifies only 1 'Roberts' working as a publisher, George F. Roberts (1859 - 19??), who was 71 in 1930, but apparently still active. As for Bruce, this may be the Canadian born William M. Bruce (1882 - 19??), who is listed as a 'Book Publisher' in the same census.

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