Charles James Bullock (December 29, 1826 - October 1904) was a British Royal Navy Officer and marine surveyor. He was born in London, the son of Admiral Frederick Bullock (November 7, 1788 - February 6, 1874), also a well-regarded survey officer. From 1844 he served under Commander George Alexander Frazer (1786 - 1865), likely a relation through his wife Mary Louisa Frazer (1831 - 1804), with whom surveyed the east Irish coast. He was promoted to midshipman and Assistant-surveyor in 1846. From October of 1850 to June of 1854, he served as a midshipman under Senior Assistant-Surveyor Commander Captain William Thornton Bate (January 31, 1818 - December 29, 1857), who was assigned to hydrographic work in and around the Philippines. Bullock passed his officer's exam in 1853, and was promoted to Lieutenant on January, 1 1855. In 1856 he was reassigned to the Baltic, again under Frazer. From October of 1856, at the outbreak of the Second Opium War (1856 - 1860), Bullock was again sent to the China Sea, this time in command of the Dove a gunboat and tender to the H.M.S. Actaon. The H.M.S. Actaon was initially commanded by Captain W. Thornton Bate, then head of the China hydrographic Survey. Bate died in the Battle of Canton (1857), leaving Bullock, although just a Lieutenant, as interim commander of the survey. Bullock was replaced in 1858 by Commander John Ward and returned to the Dove. Working under Ward, Bullock completed surveys of the China coast throughout the course of the Second Opium War, from 1858 to 1861. After the war, in 1862, he returned to England, where he was assigned to the Hydrographic Office to assistant in compiling and publishing the China surveys. He was promoted to Commander in January of 1863. Bullock was given command of the H.M.S. Serpent in 1865 and again sent to Asia, where through 1869 he completed survey work in the Java Sea, in China, and around Japan. For his work, he was promoted to the rank of Post-Captain, in April of 1870. His heath having by this time began to decline, he retired from active duty on August 4, 1873. His brother, Augustus Thomas John Bullock (1828 - 1868) was also a survey officer.