Alexander Scott Carter (April 7, 1881 - December 30, 1968) was an English draftsman, architect, delineator, and artist active in Toronto. Carter attended the Bournemouth School of Art from 1899 to 1902 while he worked in the office of a local architect, J.S.C. McEwan-Brown. He moved to London after graduating, where he worked in the office of William Hunt as an assistant from 1902 - 1909 and then from 1909 - 1912 for London architect Alan G. James. While in London he took classes in architecture and art at the Royal Academy Schools from 1905 - 1908. In March 1911 Carter joined the Royal Institute of British Architects, but emigrated to Canada late the following year. He settled in Toronto, where he soon gained a reputation for his skill and achievement and completed projects for many of Canada's elite over the course of the ensuing two decades.

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