Opie Chambers (c. 1890 - c. 1939) was an American active in South Dakota politics and business in the early 20th century. Said to have come from Florida to South Dakota, Chambers founded the South Dakota Development association in an effort to help promote South Dakota throughout the country. Said to have been 'one of the state's most ardent and effective boosters', Chambers served as secretary of the Development association and was also affiliated with the Sunshine State magazine. Chambers moved to Arizona in 1921 after being told that relocating there would improve his daughter's health. He was back in South Dakota by 1927, where he became Executive Secretary of the Yankton Chamber of Commerce, a position he held from April of that year to January 1, 1930. Chambers and Ernest J. Dowling were involved in an automobile accident in On January 4, 1930. Neither man was seriously injured. Dowling also succeeded Chambers as Secretary of the Yankton Chamber of Commerce.