Nicolas-Marie-Joseph Chapuy (1790 - July 23, 1858) was a French lithographer who specialized in works depicting monuments. Born in Paris, Chapuy attended the prestigious École polytechnique with designs of being a marine engineer. However, when his Bonapartist views came to light, he never received a posting. A fortuitous meeting with Théodore de Jolimont (February 8, 1787 - October 27, 1854) led Chapuy to a job as Jolimont's assistant on a series named French Cathedrals Drawn As They Are (Cathédrales françaises dessinées d'après nature). This project would become a lifelong endeavor for Chapuy, one that he pursued with Jolimont, on his own, and with his own students. Chapuy was known not only for his lithographs of cathedrals, but monuments in Paris and all over France. Chapuy died in Paris on July 23, 1858.